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Important to know when Comparing Solar Panels/Blankets

What is their true efficiency rating, this decides how well they work in all light conditions, as an example most of what is sold on the market is only 10%-12% Efficiency Rating, meaning they work in direct sunlight, then stop working when covered 30% by shade from a branch or a cloud. Many manufacturers like to use the up to symbol (>), which we all know is the same as an Auto Manufacturer saying you will get up to a certain MPG, this only happens if there is a full moon, you are going downhill, the car is turned off :) Ours are a true 23.5% & 23.8% Efficiency rating, the highest available meaning the quickest charge times.

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Why Off Grid Trek?

All of our products are designed to offer you comfort no matter where Adventure leads you.

  Our Solar Blankets offer the Highest Efficiency rating available meaning they even work in the rain, snow or smoke from fires.

Our South African Trailers/Caravans are the lightest available in the market, while still offering more features than others.

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