Easily charge your devices remotely, Reliable Power that is there when needed.

Solar Blankets so efficient they work without direct sunlight, Power when you need it most.

Lightweight, Portable, Efficient, Durable Solar Blankets for Emergency Preparedness Camping/Overlanding

Solar Blankets for ultimate reliability in extreme conditions

Competitively priced and easily chargeable Solar Blankets offering the best balance of cost, size & efficiency

  • Solar Blankets for Emergency Preparedness, Camping & Overlanding, where efficiency, durability & size matter.
  • So efficient they work in low light conditions even in rain, snow or smoke, other solar products on the market stop working when covered 30% from cloud or shade.


Off Grid Trek’s Camp Ready: Ultimate Gear for Overlanders

Published By : Driving Line
New year, new gear. Whether the products are tried and true or new to market, utilizing great gear for shelter, comfort, recovery or power is paramount. Having the right gear for the right excursions will make adventure travel even better.
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Off Grid Trek’s 120W Solar Blanket 23.5% Efficiency

Published By : Sun Cruiser Media
Canadian company Off Grid Trek makes solar products designed for you to go further, longer. Based in Calgary, Alberta, they believe in building affordable, high quality, lightweight, and extremely efficient solar products. I spent a few weeks with their 120W solar blanket and 28W foldable solar panel.
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Off Grid Trek – Deployable and Compact Solar Charging Solutions

Published By : solarcanadaconference
Of his many adventures, Rene Strinholm counts climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and canoeing the Yukon River among his top two. He’s an outdoor adventure enthusiast with a military background who knows what it’s like to need deployable power that works in remote areas and all conditions…
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