120W Solar Blanket 23.5% Efficiency Rating 7.9lbs NO US SALES TAX!


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    • Perfect for Emergency Preparedness, Camping and Overlanding use where efficiency, durability & size matter.
    • 120W is designed to power the Inergy, Dometic, Ecoflow, Jackery, Goal Zero & Bluetti Portable Power Stations.  CALL US TO VERIFY WHAT CABLES YOU NEED IF YOU ARE UNSURE.
    • SunPower Gen 2 Maxeon cells are used which allow for the most absorption of energy in direct sunlight or the shade, making their charging abilities greater than other solar cells available.
    • Designed to be Portable, Lightweight & Efficient, includes 4 reinforced grommets/side and 4 aluminum carabiners to secure the blanket
    • Used for 12v Automotive, Marine, Recreational, Overland & Emergency Preparedness
    • Voltage regulator on back including 2 USB ports, one DC18V output with 20cm cable and Anderson connector
    • High Power Output, compared to traditional heavy/bulky glass folding panels
    • Genuine Industry Standard Anderson connectors used
    • ETFE Integrated Laminated Solar Blanket which is Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant, Durable & Waterproof, giving the Solar Blanket a Rubberized Feel and offers much better absorption of energy from the sun
    • Use with our optional 20 Amp Solar Regulator Cable Value Pack and have total of 4 USB charging ports along with 12V charging, Efficiently charge multiple devices at once

Model OGT120 (120w)
Solar panel ETFE laminated solar panel with PCB board
Solar cell Gen 2 Sunpower solar cell 23.5% efficiency
Output 19.8V*6.1A, 23.8VOC, 5V/3.4A, 9V3A,12V/3A,15V/2.3A, 20V2.3A
Unfolding size 53.9X24.4X0.15inch/1370X620X4mm
Folded size 16.9X12.2X1.6inch/430X310X40mm
Weight 3.6kg/7.9ibs/126.99oz
Color OGTCam Rubberized Exterior, similar to Multicam


120W POWER RATING: One of the most powerful, portable solar power options on the market today, with up to 6.1 amps an hour on sunny days. – VERY LIGHT WEIGHT: Weighing only 7.9lbs it’s so easy to setup and pack up compared to traditional folding panels that can weigh three or four times as much. And when it’s packed away, it is the size of a laptop, leaving more storage for other items you may want to bring on the adventure.  With our optional Anderson to 8mm DC cable, you can easily charge any of the Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations.

EXTREME EFFICIENCY: It is rarely sunny all day, but the Off Grid Trek blanket’s solar cells are able to harness maximum power even on cloudy or overcast days. The solar panel efficiency is up to 23.5%, while most of the similar products on the market are 15% or lower.  We only use the best, Sunpower Gen 2 Maxeon solar cells.

CHARGE YOUR MOBILE DEVICES DIRECTLY: Connect your devices  to the 2 USB ports for high-speed, safe charging of mobile devices on the back of the solar blanket.

AUTOMATICALLY BUILT-IN USB IC: Most folding solar panels with a USB connector cannot charge some types of mobile phones due to not having an automatically recognized USB IC. The special IC in the Off Grid Trek blanket makes the charging current as powerful as possible so the charging rate is quicker, where other kinds of folding solar panels only consume some of the output current, making the charging time much longer.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Extend battery life by maintaining correct charge levels. Save the environment and your wallet!

The Off Grid Trek Solar Blanket will instantly connect to our optional Solar Regulator via the included, industry-standard Anderson connection so there’s no need for complicated wiring or costly modifications to your existing 12v system.

ETFE Surface: Enhances the Solar Blankets performance and life. Imported from Japan, the EFTE has a better transparency than the normal PET which increases the Solar Blankets Power Output in the same light conditions. The ETFE also increases the life of the solar blanket to more than 10 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jim / n6med (Santa Clara, US)
Great for purpose

I consider 4-stars as a high mark because I think 5 = perfect and no one is perfect.

Bought the 120W solar blanket for charging my 30Ah LiFePO4 battery I use for my HF radio field setup. Have used it once for charging my batt after a complete discharge and give it a thumbs up for the task. I like the folded size that facilitates volume reduction for my field system.

I think it a bit pricey compared to a 200W solar two-panel the Off Grid Trek panel replaces, but, based on a review by OH8STN, another ham radio operator, I decided to bite the bullet and spring for it.

The blanket looks to be well built.with solid components and stitching around the backing.

II anticipate it will remain part of my kit for some time.

Suggested product enhancements:

1. One dislike I have: it needs an integral carrying handle or strap. I repurposed a canvas strap for the task, positioned to prevent the panels from sliding apart. Ref my included photo.

2. The instructions caution to re-fold it the same way it unfolds. If that issue is needed to prevent damage, labeling the panels in some fashion to indicate the order for refolding would be very helpful.

3. I'm going to guess there is enough profit margin to include a mating connector for the Anderson SB. Fortunately I already had one among myspare connectors.

Off Grid Trek processed and shipped my order promptly, providing tracking information, so, no complaints there. Rather, EVERYTHING I >expect< from ordering a product n line today. As a company, they have my recommendation.

Hi Jim, we appreciate your feedback and review, Thank You!

A.C. (Denver, US)
Great product, great customer service.

Extremely happy with the quality of this item. Looking forward to get it all real dirty.
- Angelo

Thank You for the review Angelo!

Holly / California Coast & Desert (Eureka, US)
Sensational Customer Service

I wish I could write about the product itself ... but I have not had the opportunity to use it. Sadly, it is still in the shipping box. However, I can definitely attest to the quality of information you will receive, even when asking lame & redundant clueless questions.

It is obvious that Rene works very hard to create a fantastic product. After my frustration with the run-of-the-mill 100 and 200W solar panels that I purchased with my portable power stations and portable refrigerator/freezer contraptions... I was *not* excited to spend this much money. But my confidence in Rene's dedication and Rene's concern that I would get the right product for the right power station and the right connectors led me to make the purchase. I wish I could have purchased *two* ... but I didn't even have enough money to get the cable ... yet ... I'll have to get that done by summer!

Happy that we could help :)