400W Solar Blanket Package 2 x 200W & Cables, NO US SALES TAX! Save $200.00

$3,458.95 $3,258.95

Save $200.00 & NO US SALES TAX!

Everything needed to provide 400W of Portable/Deployable power to your Power Station/Solar Generator


Package includes:

2 x 200W Solar Blankets

1 x Series Cable to double the voltage

1 x Extension cable, note you can use up to 4 of our 16'4" Extension cable

1 x MC4 cable

You will need to provide your own Power Station/Solar Generator


What can you connect with this 

Ecoflow Delta Mini

Ecoflow Delta 

Ecoflow Delta Max

Ecoflow Delta Pro

Zendure Superbase V

Zendure Superbase Pro

Anker Powerhouse 767

Bluetti AC200

Bluetti AC200P

Bluetti AC200Max

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti EP500

If you have another Power Station not listed and you are unsure then contact us to verify if this package will work for you.


If you prefer the same Package but with 2 x 215W Solar Blanket let us know and we would be happy to customize this for you.  As long as your Power Station will accept this.


  • Internal operating temperature for our Solar Blankets is -35C to +65C and for cables -45C to +70C, warranty does not cover use outside of the temperatures should damage occur.