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Heat-insulated floor for the "Hexagon" tents

The 3-layer, heat-insulated additional tent floor was specially designed for extremely low temperatures. It prevents snow melting beneath the tent from the stove and keeps the tent interior warm. 

In cases where tents with a stove didn’t have heat-insulated floors, pools of melted snow can appear beneath the tent and the tent can freeze into it.



This floor includes 4 identical sections that can be connected to each other using Velcro fastener. Dimensions of 1 section: 

  • Diameter - 184''
  • Weight - 12, lbs
  • Package size - 1 box with dimensions - 29" х 19" х 17"

3-layers of this floor include:

1st - Oxford 300 cloth
2nd - Heat insulator - foil isolon
3rd - Oxford 300 cloth


Features of foil isolon:

  1. Low density of 26-45 kg/m3, resulting in low material weight
  2. Ability to reflect 97% of heat
  3. Wide temperature range: from -76° F to +221° F


There are two ways to install the floor:

  • Under the tent. Spread the floor on the ground and install the tent over it. 
  • Spread the floor inside the tent.