• Installed 50Amp Anderson SB Connectors, 10 Gauge wiring.
  • TRIRON N series 20a mppt controller, an update series of Tracer A/ANSeries, can be integrated with different display and interface modules to meet a variety of functional requirements. Can automatically identify and load the drivers of various modules.
  • Negative groud designed of this 20 amps modual mppt controller can be widely used for different applications, e.g., communication base stations, household systems, street lighting systems and field monitoring, RV solar system etc.
  • 7 battery type selection Sealed(AGM), Gel, Flooded, Lead-acid User, LiFePO4 Lithium, Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium, Lithium User(9~34V). Dual 5V DC USB output interface of this mppt controller can charge your electronic devices directly.
  • Real-Time energy statistic function, View/modify working parameters via APP or PC software via RS485 interface.(Optional). Four stages of charging(bulk, absorption, float, Equalization) and all-around electronic protection prolong the lifecycle of batteries.
  • Three Indicator with different color show your PV/Battery/Load working Status more Intuitive; FIve Button to adjust and browsing system’s parameters in more simpler way.

TRIRON2210N-mppt 20A Solar Controller

System voltage

12/24V DC auto work

Rated charge & discharge current


Battery input voltage range


Max. PV open circuit voltage

100Vat Min operating environment temp; 92Vat 25 environment temp


Common Negative

Lithium battery

LiFePO4/Li-NiCoMn/User.(Lithium setting need use WIFI APP or PC software)

Lead-acid battery type

Sealed(AGM), Gel, Flooded, Lead-acid User.

Max.PV Array Power support

260W/12V system; 520W/24V system


Battery voltage between DC 9V~DC15V will be recognized as 12V system,DC18V~DC32V will be recognized as24V battery system

Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.( Sealed(AGM), Gel, Flooded, Lead-acid User, LiFePO4 Lithium, Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium, Lithium User(9~32V).
Dual USB design, supply 5V DC power for electronic equipment.
Ultra-fast tracking speed, and high tracking efficiency ≥99.5%.
Real-time energy statistics function, Auto reduce power function when charging in high temperature.
Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time.
Modular design for easy combination and replacement, varied combination to meet different requirements.
Perfect electronic protection function, PV over current protection, Battery over discharge protection, Battery over voltage protection ….
High quality components, perfecting system performance, Peak conversion efficiency of 98%.
Automatic limitation of the charging power and current , Wide MPP operating voltage range.
4 load work modes setting: 1. Manual control 2. Light On/OFF 3.Light ON+Timer 4.Time control.
BIG LCD Screen display PV/BATTERY/LOAD operating data at the same time, and five button make you modify paramater easily.
3 indicator light show PV/BATTERY/LOAD status of the system.

Working environment temperature:-25℃~+55℃(with LCD)/-30℃~+55℃(without LCD)
Storage temperature range: -30℃~+70℃
MPP voltage range: (Vbat+2V)72V
Self-consumption: ≤14mA(12V);≤15mA(24V)
Temp. compensation: -3mV/℃/2V
Humidity range: ≤95%,(N.C)
Terminals/Wire Size: 6AWG(16mm2 )
LCD backlight time: 60s(default)
USB interface: 5VDC/2.2A(total)

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